Social Media Marketing Strategy for the Holidays

Oct 28, 2020

The holidays are nearly here, have you planned your social media marketing strategy for the holidays? These seven tips will helpyou engage with your customers boost your holiday sales

Is a Social Media Holiday Marketing Campaign Necessary?

In just a short time the holidays are going to be in full swing. Have you started your social media holiday campaign planning yet? If not, then we're going to share with you seven simple steps to get started in creating a social media strategy for the holidays that will help you engage with your target audience and boost sales.

The holidays are a great time to boost your social media strategy. With more consumers shopping online, it's even more important to ensure you have a robust social media holiday strategy in place to promote your business. Your target audience is searching Facebook Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest looking for the perfect gift idea and the best deals. With a well-planned social media strategy for the holidays you can boost your holiday sales and engage with your customers while spreading a little holiday cheer.

Even with the current economic crisis, holiday sales are sure to be up with more shoppers going online to make their holiday purchases.

Why You Should Have a Holiday Marketing Campaign

Should you run a holiday marketing campaign this year? Absolutely! 2020 has been a pivotal year for retailers. While holiday social media marketing strategies are typically planned long in advance, businesses are finding it necessary to change their strategy for this year’s shoppers. You may have planned your social media strategy for the holidays months ago but find they are no longer relevant. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go ahead with a new strategy. There’s still time to prepare your holiday marketing campaign and take advantage of the opportunities from more online shoppers.

E-commerce has skyrocketed over the last several months as more people have been forced to stay at home due to stay-at-home orders or for their own health and safety. Many brands have rushed to make the shift into a new social landscape and placed online marketing at the top of the list of priorities. With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s time to get started if you haven’t already.

It’s hard to say what’s going to happen a few months down the road and what the economic climate will be. Don't get lost in details you can’t control. Get started with your social media holiday marketing, put yourself out there, and reach your customers.

social media marketing strategy for the holidays

Where to Begin Your Social Media Holiday Strategy

Start by learning what your target audience cares the most about right now. Different products are more important for your target audiences during different holidays. For example, Halloween costumes and decorations are important during September and October but not during December. Strategize what you’re going to promote so you can take advantage of upcoming holidays. Keep in mind that what your target audience typically cares the most about might be different this year than in years past. Take into account your target market’s usual buying habits and what changes may have occurred during this past year.

7 Tips to Planning Your Social Media Holiday Strategy

1. Set goals for your social media holiday marketing

This is an important step no matter how far along you are in your marketing strategy or your business. If you don't set a goal for your social media holiday marketing then how do you know if you were successful or not? What do you want to accomplish during the holidays? Do you need to raise more awareness of your business, boost sales, or increase traffic to your website? When setting goals for your social media holiday marketing campaign, determine when you'll start your holiday campaigns and when they'll end. Will you continue your holiday campaigns into the first of next year to capture post-season sales? Whatever your goals are, write them down along with how you're going to measure if you've reached your goals.

2. Create a social media calendar

Once you’ve defined your goals, it's time to start planning how you’ll accomplish those goals. Determine how many social media marketing posts you're going to create during the holidays. Plan your social media calendar as soon as possible to take advantage of the upcoming social media holiday opportunities. Ideally, you should plan what you're going to post on social media for every day of the remaining days this year. Preparing your content calendar will help you be successful with your social media holiday marketing campaign.

social media holiday calendar

Determine which social media channels you're going to utilize during the holidays. Most businesses incorporate Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and sometimes Twitter as well. Determine the best channels for your business. Plan how often you’ll post on each social media account. Set a reasonable number of posts you can keep up with and balance it with providing useful information without overwhelming your target audience.

3. Plan a coordinated marketing effort across all your online marketing channels.

Email marketing is responsible for 20% of holiday sales. Combining your email and your social media strategy is the best way to ensure a successful holiday marketing campaign. Between Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, holiday sales reached a total of $730.2 billion.

Use email, social media, newsletters, and website content to connect with your target audience. Create your content as soon as you complete your social media holiday calendar so you don't run out of time and find yourself rushing to write new content at the last minute. Consider creating a branded hashtag for your business to create some interest around your social media holiday marketing campaigns. Schedule your content using a social media calendar and integrate it with an automated social media scheduler like Buffer or HootSuite.

4. Create Branded Content

Get in the spirit of the holiday season by creating holiday-themed content and branding your online presence across your website and social media channels. Determine which profiles will get a makeover during the holidays and how many times you’ll update your social media branding with new holiday themed content. Spruce up your website and social media profiles as well as your email newsletters with holiday-themed images and graphics. Stay true to your branding as you’re creating your social media holiday themed content. The goal is to drive traffic to your website and increase conversions. Ads that stay true to their company branding have a 60% higher recall rate. Use your holiday-themed content in blog posts, social media content, and your email newsletters.

5. Consider celebrating holidays from other cultures and religions.

Create a holiday calendar around important days for the diversity of your target audience. Talk to your customers and your team to gain some insight and understanding into the meaning and the cultures behind various holidays and celebrations.

6. Include Contests or giveaways in your social media holiday marketing strategy.

Get creative during the holidays and show your festive spirit by creating contest or giveaways that will capture the interest and attention of your target audience. Announce early any contests you plan to create. Let you target audience know when you're going live to announce the winners. Create special offers targeted to your loyal customers and send these through either targeted Facebook groups or your email marketing campaigns.

7. Be available with online support options.

With all the time you put into planning your social media holiday marketing strategy don't let potential customers get away by not responding to their requests for assistance. Be sure to respond quickly and listen to what your customers and potential customers are saying. Show them the human side behind your business to connect with them more effectively. Social media strategist, Brain Fanzo warns,

If you don’t have time for your current customers, your current customers won’t have time for you

8. Track your metrics

You've set your goals, created your content included, additional holidays, and maybe even planned a few contests for your social media holiday marketing strategy. Now comes the most important part, tracking how well your strategy is working. You need to be able to see what works and what doesn't work so you can plan an even better strategy for next year.

First track your social media metrics during the holidays through the social media dashboards you're using. These dashboards have a ton of excellent information that will help you understand what your target market is interested in and how well your content is performing with them.

Some of the metrics you want to track include:

  • Impressions
  • Shares
  • Reach
  • Visits
  • Referral traffic
  • Click through rate

Second, track your holiday marketing strategy through a UTM. This is a small bit of code that's added to your URL and lets you track information such as the source, medium, and campaigns associated with the link. UTMs are not difficult to create and can be extremely effective in understanding where your traffic is coming from. Google analytics is where you can easily get reporting based on the data from the UTMs in your URLs.

social media holiday marketing channels

Happy Social Media Marketing

When you’re planning your social media holiday marketing strategy keep in mind to stay true to your brand and speak from your heart. Being authentic during this time is more crucial this year to connect with your audience. If you create a good customer experience during the holidays you're sure to earn their loyalty to your business throughout the rest of the year.

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