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Blogging, tweeting, SEO - these tactics are useless without a plan that reaches your goals. Our digital marketing services start by identifying your goals, then we create a strategy to reach those goals.


Discover how our digital marketing services can create an effective strategy that promotes growth and delivers results for your business.


Strategies define the methods that'll be used to reach your goals. We'll show you which tactics will deliver the best results.


Doing the plan is important to reaching the goals. Specific timelines will be set to keep your strategy on target.


Important metrics are measured to learn what's working and what needs improvement. We'll optimize tactics to improve performance.

We are the Digital Marketing Agency for Small Businesses

More consumers are searching online for your products and services. Do you have a plan to reach them? You need an online marketing agency who knows how to create a strategy that gets you found online instead of your competitors.

  • Marketing Strategy

    Target market analysis
    Competitor research
    Marketing plans, strategy & execution

  • Website Design

    Responsive web design
    E-commerce websites
    Business Builder Websites

  • Search Engine Marketing

    Search engine optimization (SEO)
    Local SEO
    Google Ads (PPC)

  • Content Marketing

    Content audit
    Content planning
    Content creation & implementation

  • Social Media

    Audits & Consultation
    Profile creation & Branding
    Platform management & Advertising

  • Email Campaigns

    Account set up
    List segmentation 
    A/B testing and campaign metrics

Stand Out from Your Competition

Does your digital marketing strategy put you in front of your customers?

Stand out from the competition with a strategy that grows your business!

What Our Clients Say

Due to the website Nerd Free Marketing created for Philippi Quality Construction along with some other marketing efforts, the business is soaring. Another healthcare consortium has been obtained and new construction general laborers will need to be hired to handle the new incoming work.

~ Philippi Quality Construction

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We are the Digital Marketing Agency that Deliver Results!

Stand out from your competition and grow you business with our digital marketing services.

Questions about digital marketing?

Website marketing, online marketing, digital marketing, internet marketing - these are terms used interchangeably by businesses and digital marketing agencies alike.

Digital marketing connects businesses with their customers. Companies large and small are turning to digital marketing agencies to help them develop strategies which are both measurable and profitable.

So, what exactly is "digital marketing"? Any marketing effort that uses digital technology - that's it in a nutshell. This technology can be phone, internet, social media - even radio and television use digital technology!

The services which make up an effective digital marketing strategy vary from one business to another due to the various stages of growth and business goals. However, the foundations for an effective digital marketing strategy includes

Marketing strategy - the actual plan which lists the goals, research, budget, and timelines

Website - a professionally designed website should be the hub of all your marketing efforts

Search engine optimization - your website should be optimized to not only reach your customers but to also attract the search engines so they can effectively index and rank your website

Content marketing - it's important to have a content strategy so you're able to deliver the information your customers need in order to make informed decisions to purchase your products or services

Reporting and analytics - once you have the basics of your marketing strategy in place, you need to know the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. With a good reporting and analytics strategy in place you'll be able to monitor and adjust your marketing plan to make it work harder to reach your goals.

As the popularity of digital marketing grows, it's not surprising that more businesses are looking for a trusted digital marketing Agency, like Nerd Free Marketing. The big question is, how much is digital marketing going to cost. This answer depends on several factors that are exclusive to your business.

  • Do you currently have a professionally designed website?
  • Have you implement an effective search engine optimization strategy?
  • Does your business have a current marketing plan?

Depending on the services you need and the scope of your project, the average digital marketing budget starts at $2,500/ month. Small projects and one time services usually start at $500 per project or service.

Digital marketing is a long-term process that involves different methods of growing and marketing your business. Launching a robust, complete digital marketing campaign can be difficult if your business lacks the resources, time, and expertise needed.

By working with a digital marketing agency, you get access to qualified experts who are knowledgeable about the various methods of digital marketing and growing your business. They have access to tools and resources which are beneficial to running an effective digital marketing campaign.