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seo to rank your website

Sep 27 2019

5 Factors to Rank Your Website in Google

Google's Ranking Algorithm It's been reported that Google has over 200 factors which it uses to rank your website. This post is going to cover five of Google's ranking factors that are used in the "top secret algorithm". Using these ranking factors could help you ...
naming your business

Mar 26 2019

Naming Your Business – Getting it Right

I have a confession to make, I've never really been very good at naming things. Anything for that matter. My first son, Travis Aaron, I was just a few weeks away from delivering him but couldn't think of a name that I was happy with ...
happy home owner

Jan 24 2019

Attract Customers to Your Construction Business

Who Is Your Ideal Customer? Attracting customers to your construction business is made easier by understanding how to effectively use marketing techniques which will help you attract your best customers. Building a home is a major life decision. It's something most people will only do ...
promote your nonprofit fundraiser on facebook

Jul 26 2018

Promote Nonprofit Fundraisers with Facebook Events

Fundraising events play a vital role to promote your nonprofit fundraiser. In order for an event to be successful, it must have people attending. If no one attends, not only is the initial investment lost but any potential donations are lost. What can you do ...
mobile first indexing

Mar 30 2018

How Mobile-First Indexing Affects Your Website

Google has officially announced the roll-out of it's mobile-first indexing. Mobile-first indexing began prior to Google's official announcement on March 26, but it was the first time they'd made an official announcement on their own channels. For now, Google is only moving websites which already ...
seo terms

Mar 22 2018

SEO Terms

Don't let the SEO terms used by a digital marketing company intimidate you! This list of SEO terminology will give you the power to communicate effectively so you know what is being done to optimize your website. 301 Redirect – Code used to make one ...


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