Strategies for Using Google Ads for Small Businesses

Nov 2, 2020

Google Ads makes it easy for small businesses to increase website traffic and improve your ROI no mater the size of your marketing budget.

Why Should You Use Google Ads for Small Businesses

Small business owners are often afraid to start using Google Ads for their small businesses because they worry about competing with big name companies. However, Google ads makes it easy for small businesses to get started no mater what size of marketing budget they have. Even with a small marketing budget you can see an increase to the number of clicks and traffic to your website if your Google Ads account is structured properly.

Do Google Ads Really Work for Small Business

Google Ads has the potential to deliver amazing results for small business owners. Setting up a successful Google Ads campaign can be complicated and difficult to master. If it's not structured correctly, it could cost you money in the long run.

Your Google Ads account isn’t a strategy you can set up and let run on its own. You have to consistently monitor your Google Ads account to stay on top of what's working and what's not working. This is true for Google Ads accounts of all sizes whether you have a small marketing budget or a huge account with a large marketing budget. For small business owners just getting started with Google Ads, you can easily start with a small budget and grow your account as you begin seeing results.

google ads work for small businesses

Many business owners have to wear multiple hats when it comes to running their businesses. They often don't have a marketing department to handle the day-to-day operations of managing their Google Ads account which makes it difficult to see progress and results if they aren’t monitored, nurtured, and properly optimized.

Small Businesses Can Use Google Ads to Connect with Potential Customers

Google Ads offer small business owners a greater potential to reach new customers by targeting specific audiences, creating seo-friendly landing pages, and by adjusting and analyzing your goals with your Google Ads campaigns. By monitoring your Google Analytics account you can clearly see where your Google Ads campaigns are working and where they need improvement..

Look at your Google Ads campaigns through the eyes of your customers. Determine what it takes to attract your customers attention. Ask yourself, “What are my customers interested in?” Use these insights into your customers to create Google Ads campaigns that offer value to your customers. Focus on the needs of your customers more than on your goal of getting them onto your website to sell them something. Your target audience is more likely to respond to your Google ads if there's something in it for them. Choose the right keywords that show the benefits of what you're offering to your target audience to attract their attention

If your small business is more relevant to your local area, create your Google Ads to be relevant to your local customers. You may need to target local or geographical keywords to reach your desired target audience.

Reach Your Small Business Marketing Goals

One of the most important aspects of running Google Ads for small businesses is to define your marketing goals. Use Google Ads to reach those goals and don’t try to over-reach with your Google Ads account. Correctly target each ad account based on the goals you have set so you don't waste your marketing budget. Refine your targeting choices, define your location, and focus your traffic to get website visitors who are qualified and ready to make a purchase. These steps will increase your click-through rates which results in higher conversion rates and more money in your pocket.

Why Google Ads Don’t Work for Small Businesses

When running your Google ads campaign, think about the flow of your business. For example if you have a seasonal business, you would not want to run Google Ad campaigns during the seasons when your customers are not interested in your products or services. Also consider if you have specific times in your business when you are not taking new customers or you're going to be away from your business. For many small businesses in Wisconsin, deer season is a holiday! You don't want to run your Google Ads when you're not available to assist your customers. In these instances if you have Google Ads campaigns running, you should pause your campaigns until you're back to business as usual.

Google Ads don’t always need to run 24/7 for some businesses but for other businesses it’s essential. For example if a heating and air conditioning business should keep their Google Ads running at all times. There's a good chance you would have a potential client who needs an emergency furnace or A/C repair in your off-hours. Swimming pool businesses may not need to run their Google ads at 1 am if their target customers aren’t likely to be shopping online for new swimming pools at that time. All these options are available to set up and adjust in your Google ad campaign dashboard

reach small business marketing goals with google ads

Track Your Metrics with Your Small Business Google Ads Account

Tracking your results ensures a successful Google Ads campaign strategy. We recommended using Google Analytics to track traffic on your website as well as for an in-depth analysis of your Google Ads account. Conversion tracking is also important to measure your ROI within your Google Ads account.

When setting up your Google ads account structured it properly so it’s easy to track the performance of your Google Ads. Following recommended best practices for structuring your campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads will help you see the results that you’re receiving and how to optimize your accounts where necessary.

Understanding How to Beat Your Competitors

Small business owners often worry about their ranking position with their Google Ads accounts, their SEO strategy, and their Facebook ads strategy. While showing up first on the page is often beneficial to get more viewers it’s not the only measurement for a successful Google Ads strategy . Don't worry in the beginning, if your ad isn't the first on the page. You will still receive clicks and website visitors which will lead to conversion and more money to use in your Google Ads budget. Focus on creating the best ads possible within your marketing budget. Once you start seeing results and increased conversions, you can allocate a larger budget to your Google ads to make them show up higher in the search results. The best advice is to start with a small budget and grow into a larger budget as your business begins to grow.

While it's not always important to rank first above your competition with your Google ads, it is important to pay attention to what your competition is doing. Watching what your competition is doing with their Google Ads strategy can give you some insights into what is working and isn’t working. Pay attention to whether your competitors are running Google ads or not. If they aren’t running Google Ads, it means one of two things; either Google Ads doesn't work for your industry or you're the first in your area to start running Google Ads. Determine the difference early on to improve the success of your Google Ads strategy.

Next Steps for Small Businesses To Go Further with Google Ads

Set up your Google Ads, focus your traffic, set your budget, and make sure your ads are in line with your marketing goals. These steps will help you reach your target audience and see results with your Google Ads campaigns. Once you start seeing profitability with your Google Ads then it’s time to take the next steps.

Once you’ve mastered the basic setup, you might want to consider a Google Remarketing strategy to capture website visitors who didn’t become customers. Small business owners often question if a remarketing campaign would work for their business. Set up correctly and done well, it can be a good next step to help improve conversions.

Google ads can be difficult and complicated to get started but if you follow the strategies we've outlined, you have the opportunity to increase conversions and see improved ROI with your marketing budget. If you need help setting up your Google Ads strategies it's always a good idea to reach out to a digital marketing agency like Nerd Free Marketing to help you create a Google Ads account that is structured properly, targeted to your demographic audience, and focused on your goals to increase profitability and improve your ROI.

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