Email Marketing Strategy

Creating an email marketing strategy and email campaigns can be a tedious experience.

You need to creatively reach your audiences to keep them engaged and to connect with them to generate new leads.  We'll help you integrate solutions and increase the success of your email marketing strategy.

Email Marketing is a Digital Marketing Strategy to Attract & Nurture Leads

We're all familiar with those annoying promotional emails that so many companies send to us. When an email marketing strategy is implemented correctly, it send the right emails personalized to your customer's interests at a time when they're most likely to read and act on the email. A success email marketing strategy involves more than just newsletters and sales promotions.

  • Welcome Email Sequences

    Anyone who opts-in to start receiving your newsletter will receive these welcome emails to build trust and provide value to the subscriber.

  • Shopping Cart Follow Up Emails

    When someone makes a purchase through your eCommerce website, they can opt-in to receive future promotional emails. Customers who have purchased from you are more likely to be repeat customers.

  • Email Newsletters

    Stay in touch with your customers and email subscribers by sending newsletters on a regular basis. These newsletters are great for providing value, sharing useful articles, company news, and subscriber-only special offers.

email marketing strategy
  • Promotional Email Marketing

    Get your subscribers excited about new products or services by promoting them with creative emails that encourage them to make a purchase.

  • Checking In Email Strategies

    If your previous customers haven't made a purchase recently, "checking-in" emails are a great way to bring them back. These emails are personalized to show you value them as a customer.

  • Lead Magnet Email Funnels

    Offering a free incentive which provides value to potential customers is a great way to attract new leads. In exchange for their email address you provide them with a free guide, checklist, ebook, quick, and etc.

Are your emails ending up in the junk folder and never being opened?

Working with a professional email marketing agency can save you valuable time and get your email marketing strategies on track to generate leads for your business.

Email Marketing Campaigns that Deliver More Opens and Clicks

Email marketing is an excellent, cost-effective solution to boost sales and nurture leads. Staying top-of-mind with your audience requires that you provide valuable content your audience wants so they're ready to buy your products or services. It's about sending the emails they actually want to read instead of sending them straight to the trash folder.

email marketing campaigns
  • Strategy

    Defining the who, what, when, and how is the first step in creating an email marketing strategy that works for your business. We'll work with you to get to know your subscribers, your competition, and your email marketing goals to create an effective strategy.

  • Email Marketing Software

    We'll recommend an email marketing software where you can receive leads and send emails. Once you decide which platform to use, we'll help you set up your account and segment your lists to personalize emails for your subscribers.

  • A/B Testing

    Testing your email campaigns helps you determine if one version works better than another. Some of the variations of A/B testing include: subject lines, from name, email content, and others.

  • Reporting

    Improving your email marketing depends on know what works and what doesn't work. Every month we'll send you a email marketing report with information about subscribers, open-rates, click-through rates, and other important metrics.

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I have complete confidence in Nerd Free Marketing's abilities to maximize the business exposure that I was seeking. Not long after the website's launch it became a vital part of the decision to award the largest contract my business had ever received. Rose is always working to enhance the effectiveness and deliver the highest value per dollar for the work she does. I would heartily recommend Rose and her work to any business owner. ~ Mickey

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