Hey, I'm Rose -- Owner of Nerd Free Marketing

Rose Fields - Social, Web Design & MarketingNerd Free Marketing is a Wisconsin based digital marketing firm which began in 2003 as a one-person virtual assistance studio. During the first few years, services included e-mail monitoring, document preparation, phone answering, and website design.

Over the past 15 plus years, I've put my heart and soul into growing this business into the digital marketing agency it is today.

As my love for website design grew, I gradually phased out other services I was offering and built the core foundation of Nerd Free Marketing.

The more customers I worked with, the more my knowledge of search engine optimization as well as online marketing increased. I started offering digital marketing services to help businesses get found on the internet and build a foundation that makes their business look credible online.

Our Customers

Many of our customers are in the construction and service trades industry

We've also worked with several churches, non-profit veteran's organizations, radio station, the county fair, and even a bar owner or two.

We have the diversity and skill you need to grow your business through digital marketing.

We build exceptional websites to help your business look credible on the internet. Our hassle free process frees up your time to run your business. Our customers range from the local "mom & pop" to larger companies, veteran owned businesses, and veteran's organizations. 

Our Team

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Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
When I was young that was the title my dad gave me -- meaning, I handled all the kitchen duties. As the owner of Nerd Free Marketing, I pretty much handle all the work we do here. We don't yet have a project manager so when new work comes in, I delegate who works on each project. Website design is my favorite part of the job, I love spending my days making a website look beautiful, functional, and absolutely exceptional.
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Customer Support, Social Media
Isaac handles incoming requests from our website maintenance clients and makes basic website information updates. He's working to improve our social media presence and increase our visibility. When it comes to hobbies, he's a jack-of-all trades - he enoys cooking, mechanics, woodworking, entrepreneurship and more. His favorite hobby is creating wood-working projects and using his creativity to make something unique.
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Kevin is a wordsmith and enjoys creating content designed for the search engines that appeals to the website visitors. When he's not writing content for our clients, he enjoys writing his latest sci-fi book and creating poetry.


SEO Strategy & Audits
Marsey enjoys analyzing websites and figuring out the best strategy to get them to rank well in the search engines. She's a self-described 'emerging wine conniseur' and loves to explore places off-the-beaten path to enjoy nature.

Work With Us

Our vision is to help you have a website you're proud to have and get it to website rank well in the search engines. We'd love to learn more about your business.

Proud Member and Supporter of These Causes & Organizations

We have a love and passion for our veterans and enjoy working with veteran-owned businesses and organization