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Nerd Free Marketing creates solutions to take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be.

We Help Businesses Grow

From local mom and pop stores to small corporation who employs several hundred people, we have solutions to reach your goals and grow your business. For some small businesses and nonprofit organizations, that's means simply bringing in more new customers - for others it means scaling and reaching broader markets.

We have experience  working with customers throughout Wisconsin as well as across the United States. We're the experts you can count on when you're ready to grow your business.

We Want To Help You Grow

Our vision is to learn about your business and how we can help you grow. We'd love to help you create a marketing strategy that reaches your marketing goals and grows your business.

The Nerd Free Marketing Process

  • Plan

    When you start working with us, we begin with a planning phase to understand you and your target market. Together we create clear messages and strategies to attract your potential customers and move them along your sales process.

  • Implement

    After the planning phase, we implement the strategies necessary to grow your business and deliver results. Every marketing strategy includes projects, tasks, and deadlines which are executed within a specified time-frame to ensure success.

  • Grow

    Marketing strategies are more than charts, graphs, and dull text on paper. By utilizing reports specific to your marketing campaigns, we're able to measure what's working and optimize what's not to keep moving your business toward the goals you want to reach.

We Love Website Design & Digital Marketing!

What's Your Passion?

Does This Look Like The Ideal Way to Spend Your Day?

  • Messing with some website builder that doesn’t exactly create a website like the ones in the templates

  • Creating a social media presence, figuring out what to post, when to post, and how often

  • Researching keywords, writing content, looking through tons of data that doesn’t always make sense

  • Scouring the internet for all mentions of your business, claiming, and fixing the incorrect information

Spend More Time Growing Your Business

  • Watching your prospect list grow and convert into leads

  • Building relationships with potential customers online

  • Increasing revenue by reaching more potential customers

  • Seeing positive results from your digital marketing campaigns


Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer was the title my dad gave me -- meaning, I handled the kitchen duties like cooking & cleaning up. He was a single dad in 1978 raising two kids so I was taught responsibility from a young age.

Over 40 years later, I prefer the title of CEO and Senior Web Developer - I'm not fond of the "bottle washer" part. I'm the point of contact for every project we do at Nerd Free Marketing. Throughout each project I delegate what needs to be done and who will complete tasks to keep the projects moving along. I work with a team of skilled experts who work together to professionally complete your project and help you reach your goals.

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Facts, Questions, & More Info about Rose and Nerd Free Marketing

Nerd Free Marketing is a Wisconsin based digital marketing firm which began in 2003 as a one-person virtual assistance studio. During the first few years, services included e-mail monitoring, document preparation, phone answering, and website design.

Over the years the business has grown and gone through many changes. As my love for website design grew, I gradually phased out other services I was offering and built the core foundation of Nerd Free Marketing.

From my very first customer, I knew my passion was in working with small businesses. I truly enjoy learning the story behind each business we work with and figuring out what needs to be done to set and reach goals to help that business grow.

I've been a single mom since 2003, yep - you can look back at the first paragraph to verify what you just read. I started the business in 2003, just a few months after becoming a single mom. I also started college at the same time working towards my bachelors degree. I stopped about half way into my bachelor's to focus on growing the business and raising kids.

Some people start their business to follow their dreams and fulfill their passions. That didn't come for me until much later! When the business first began it was the best way for me to support my family and have more time to spend with the kids.

People told me I was crazy and what I was doing couldn't be done. I heard a lot of negativity and being told there was no way I could raise 5 kids and run a successful business - and go to college. Well I did! I made the Dean's list (twice), survived the economy collapse of 2008, and now have 4 of the 5 children grown up and successful adults. Two of the kids are in college, one is married and raising two children with his wife, and one is pursuing a successful career in construction. My last child has two years left of school - he was just 1 1/2 when we began this journey!

Website design is my favorite part of the job, I love spending my days making a website look beautiful, functional, and absolutely exceptional. When there's a new website to be designed (or re-designed), I'm the one who takes the lead on the design and development.

  • I got my motorcycle endorsement in 2018 and joined the AMVETS Riders of WI Chapter 13
  • In addition to the kids, I have a large family of cats
  • I love taking long walks through Pinterest and daydreaming about ideas to renovate my 100+ year old farmhouse
  • I'm an aspiring BBQ Pitmaster - someday I'd love to compete in some BBQ competitions across the US. I even have a BBQ team name chosen
  • Super Mario Bros. is my favorite video game - I originally bought the Wii for the kids but they've long ago moved on to PS4's, XBoxes, and whatever else is new in the video gaming world. So now, the Wii is all mine and I don't have wait for the kids to go to sleep to get some game time in!

Rose Fields - owner of Nerd Free Marketing riding her motorcycle


I have a love and passion for our veterans and enjoy working with veteran-owned businesses and organization. I am a member of my local AMVETS Auxiliary and AMVETS Riders Chapter. I spend quite a bit of time volunteering within the AMVETS organization utilizing my skills where I can to help our veterans.


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