WordPress Database Optimization

October 15, 2016 | Web Design

WordPress Database Optimization

What is the WordPress Database

WordPress uses a programming language called PHP to store and retrieve information from the database. The information that is stored includes: posts, pages, comments, categories, tags, custom fields, and other site options.

Setting up a WordPress database is part of the first steps involved in creating your WordPress website. The steps to setting up the database includes giving it a name, specifying a username, identifying the host, and creating a password. All this information is stored in a configuration file on your website.

Once you provide all the necessary information, WordPress then creates all the tables where your information is stored. The queries that WordPress runs to dynamically generate HTML pages is part of what makes WordPress so powerful because you don’t have to create a new .html file every time you want to create a new page!

Your Overflowing WordPress Database Causes Issues

Do you have a garage, shed, or basement? You know a place to store your stuff? Sometimes this stuff storage places gets a bit cluttered – well at least at my house it does! Your WordPress database is the stuff storage place for your website and over time it gets a bit cluttered. Maintaining your database will keep it running smoothly and quickly.

If you have a large website and post a lot of information on it quite regularly, then your database will also be quite large. The information you post and pages you add along with the plugins that add functionality to your site, and comments people make on your posts all add to the size and complexity of your database. All this stuff can significantly slow down your website.

You know that stuff storage place that you have? Think about that place right now and think back to the time when you first added something to that place. Perhaps it was a bicycle, a hammer, or a box of Christmas ornaments. The first time you added something there and went back to get that item it was pretty easy. But over time as you kept adding stuff to that place, the more difficult it was to locate and retrieve items. This is what happens to your WordPress Database.

Maintaining Your WordPress Database

The very first thing you should do is create a website backup. Before doing any optimization because sometimes things can go wrong and having a backup can help you restore your website quickly.

Here’s the steps I take when cleaning up a WordPress Database:

  • Delete unused plugins
  • Remove leftover data left behind from deleted plugins
  • Delete all spam comments
  • Remove any stray shortcodes not in use due to deleted plugins
  • Optimize database tables

WordPress Maintenance and Security Services

Every month I offer a list of maintenance and security services to all my customers. Read my Webiste Maintenance and Security Services post to learn more about what I offer.

In addition to this basic list of services, I also offer some bonus services each month to every customer signed up for this package. In October, the bonus services which I performed my customers to clean up and optimize their WordPress database.

If you have a WordPress website and would like to have the peace of mind in know that your website is well-maintained by a website professional, Contact Me to discuss how I can help you!

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