Content Sharing Strategy

December 30, 2011 | Social Media

Content Sharing Strategy

70 20 10Struggling to build your social media network? Me too. One challenge I’ve faced was how much to share and how much to promote my business.

I just stumbled across some information that talked about a “70-20-10” content sharing rule in social media.

  • 70% should be helpful or informative – share content to teach your visitors how to do something or give them ideas about how to make their business grow.
  • 20% from other sources – promote blogs, fan pages, and people you follow to give your visitors even more great information they can use.
  • 10% is self-promotion of your products and services – no one likes to be constantly bombarded with “buy, buy, buy” so make this useful to your visitors. Sprinkle in special sales, coupons, or limited time offers.

I’m going to incorporate this into our social media strategy. How ’bout you?

3 thoughts on “Content Sharing Strategy”

  1. I had also heard numbers: 80/20 or 90/10 where that last 10% is either personal posts on a business page, or business posts on a personal page. It’s social media, after all and people want to do business with you when you are your brand. So share a little, especially on Holidays, but not too much. And remind friends about your business, but not too often. Looking at your numbers, I agree on the 10% promotion. I think I am less structured with the 70/20… If I end up sharing 50% or more from other sources, I am happy to do that. My biz fans get the info and so long as I credit the information source correctly, I get gratitude from them,which is also building social capital.

  2. It is absolutely correct, best social media strategy is helping others. It is all about giver’s gain, the more you give to the community the more you will get in return 🙂

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