Top 5 SEO Practices

December 20, 2011 | Search Engine Optimization

Top 5 SEO Practices

seo practices 1Does your website implement these 5 SEO practices; if not your customers and the search engines may not be able to find you.

1. Title Tag – the first thing a search engine looks at when it tries to figure out what information will be on that page. Include a couple keywords here but don’t make it too long or stuff too many into it.

2. Meta Tags – there are two important meta tag sections on your website; the description and the keyword tags. SEO experts debate whether or not the description tag has any bearing on search engine ranking but we know it’s used in search listing results. The description tag is important to help your visitors determine if your site contains information they want.

The keyword meta tag isn’t as important to search engines as it was due to the common practice of “keyword stuffing”. It’s still a good idea to include relevant keywords in this tag but don’t overload it with too many duplicates or variations of the same keyword.

3. Header Tags – Constructing a well-planned and thought-out site is key to using header tags appropriately. The H1 tag is the most important and should only be used for the main page title. Other tags like H2 and H3 are useful to help break information on the page into sub sections. Header tags aren’t meant to be used for adjusting font-size; your style sheet serves this purpose.

4. Link Attributes – Your links shouldn’t say “Click Here”; this doesn’t give search engines (or your visitors) any information about what’s contained in that link. Make your links read as a natural part of the sentences in your content.

5. Image Attributes – Search engines can’t read an image; instead they read information attached to the image such as descriptions and tags. It’s important to include this information in the Alt attribute to help search engines index your site.

We implement every one of these practices into every site we design. Does your web designer utilize these practices? If not or you’re not sure; contact us today and we’ll perform a free SEO audit on your website and let you know how well your site’s optimized in each of these areas.

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