Where’s Your Traffic Coming From?

August 19, 2012 | Search Engine Optimization

Where’s Your Traffic Coming From?

Research the internet and you’ll find dozens of theories about the best place to invest your time to increase traffic . The problem with these theories is they’re just theories and usually based on what’s worked for the author’s website or blog.

Mr. Bigshot author with 1,250 visitors a days says you should invest your time in this hot new idea because he’s seen an 80% rise in traffic from his efforts in this new way of doing things. Doesn’t mean you’ll see an 80% rise in traffic if you do the same thing.  It means it worked for him.

How can you find what works for you? Start digging in your backyard.

1. Where do you invest your time to build traffic to your blog or website?
Analyze your current traffic building efforts. What strategies are you using?

  • RSS
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Search Engines
  • Others…

List the resources you use. How do you utilize them? How frequently do you update them? What is your current strategy?

2. What results are you getting?
Ask questions and dig around for answers:

  • Are people subscribing to your RSS feed?
  • Do they comment on your blog?
  • Do your followers tweet or retweet your content?
  • Do you have regular interaction on facebook?
  • How many times are your YouTube videos being watched or commented on?
  • How much traffic are you getting on your landing pages?

3. How has your traffic changed from a month, a quarter or a year ago?

  • Do you have tracking software installed?
  • Do you know what statistics to measure?
  • How much history do you keep to compare your results?
  • Are your numbers rising, declining, or staying the same?

Once you’ve dug up this information  then it’s time to plant new seeds based on your discoveries . Don’t setup your new strategy and forget about it. Monitor what works and doesn’t work.

Being vigilant and monitoring your data isn’t a one time process and can be tedious. But if you refine and tweak as needed you’ll see your efforts flourish. We offer a stats reporting package that set you up with the information you need to monitor your traffic and help you build your strategy.

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