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Attract and Retain more Patients with Patient-Focused Marketing

Many medical clinics rely on physician referrals, word-of-mouth patient recommendations and a sparse online presence because they don't have an in-house marketing department. Consider us your medical practice marketing department for delivering measurable results for your clinic!

Wisconsin's Medical Marketing Agency with Healthy Digital Marketing Growth Solutions

Help patients find your medical practice, reinforce your medical expertise, and book more appointments. 

Marketing Strategy

Increase new patient leads by developing a marketing plan that guides your healthcare digital marketing initiatives.

Website Design

Attract new patients with a professionally designed website that informs your patients and referrers about your expertise and services.

Search Engine Marketing

Obtain more patients by showing up in the search results when patients are searching for the healthcare services you offer.

Content Marketing

Showcase your medical expertise with quality content that is informative, attracts, and educates your new patients and physician referrals.

Social Media

Engage patients with social media that forms a human connection between your medial practice and your patients.

Email Campaigns

Deliver relevant messages to patients, referring physicians, and other healthcare professionals to ensure recurring and new patient visits.

Do you have a medical marketing agency you can trust to grow your practice?

Medical practice marketing focuses on helping your clinic attract and retain new patients. Many medical clinics don't have the marketing expertise needed to grow their healthcare practice. We can help you grow your practice and book more patients.

Healthcare Clinics Need a Medical Marketing Agency That Attracts New Patients with Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

As more people turn to online sources for answers to their healthcare needs, medical clinics need to implement more aggressive digital marketing strategies that highlights their expertise to attract and book more patients.

Dental Clinics

Dental clinics must ensure their website and digital marketing strategy promotes a pleasant experience with a friendly looking website that's easy to navigate and digital marketing messaging that puts patients at ease. Visits to a dental clinic can make many patients feel uneasy; your dental marketing agency should focus on a painless user experience that attracts new patients while building trust and earning their confidence.

Plastic Surgery Clinics

Plastic surgery clinics face more competition now than ever before as cosmetic surgery has grown in popularity. Patients who are interested in your services are doing their homework by researching their options online. Plastic surgery marketing agencies are essential to help you create a digital marketing strategy that will increase your brand and name familiarity as well as demonstrate your credibility, and differentiate you from other clinics.

Medical Spas

Medical spa clients almost exclusively research treatments and providers online so it's important for you to show up in the search results. Your medical spa marketing agency must understand the unique needs of your patient to create a digital marketing strategy that delivers an empathetic approach and create an online experience that exceeds the expectations of your patients. 


Chiropractic health care can be extremely competitive with patients having a wide variety of options available through online searches. Your chiropractic practice must stand out and be the clear choice for prospective patients. A well-design, responsive website is important to reaching new patients. Provide engaging and informative content on your website and within your digital marketing strategy to position yourself above your competition.

Massage Therapists

Massage therapist marketing should should primarily focus on digital marketing strategies. An effective, comprehensive digital marketing strategy will cover every aspect you need to reach new patients. Your website should focus on the types of services you offer, your location and how to contact you to book appointments. Social media, search marketing, and online advertising play an important role in not only attracting but also in retaining more patients.

Physical Therapy Clinics

Physical therapy clinics need a marketing agency who understands that digital marketing for physical therapists isn't just about attracting new patients - it's also about strengthening relationships with your existing patients. Your marketing message needs to reach a diverse audience and deliver relevant information both to physician referrers and patients. Website design, content marketing, and SEO are important tools to connect with your patients.

What Our Clients Say

Working with Nerd Free Marketing was very easy and enjoyable as I watch the birth of my practice getting its legs. I would highly recommend Nerd Free Marketing for your marketing needs whether your practice is just starting out or has been established for a long time.

~ Hope
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Work with a Medical Marketing Agency that Delivers the Patients You Want

Turn to the medical marketing agency who'll give you a complete and accurate diagnosis of your existing digital marketing strategy and create a plan to attract more patients for your healthcare practice.

Frequently Asked Qustions

Digital marketing has a broad reach and is very flexible in how it is used in every situation. Medical practices need digital marketing just as much as any other business but have a few unique needs such as the necessity to market to both consumers (your patients) and businesses (your physician referrers).

Some of the benefits medical practices can see with effective digital marketing are:

More cost-effective methods of reaching ideal patients
Attracting more physician referrals
Delivering informative messages that meet the needs of both patients and physicians
Be found in online searches above your competition

Content is important for not only patients but also for the physicians who refer you. Fortunately there's a wide range of the types of content you can create to attract both:

  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • White papers
  • Infographics
  • Articles
  • Reviews

These are just a few types and some can be re-purposed to be used in multiple marketing channels.

As more and more patients turn to the internet to search for their healthcare needs, it's essential to have a well-built website for your medical practice. Your website will help your prospective patients understand what services or specialties you offer, get to know the doctors and providers within your practice, and offer a way for them to contact you about questions they may have.

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