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Capture More Leads and Increase Your Manufacturing Sales Contracts

Marketing shapes the growth of your manufacturing business. You need a high performance marketing strategy engineered to generate new leads that turn into long-term customers.

You need a manufacturing marketing agency who can produce a quality digital marketing strategy for your company

Person-to-person meetings, business trips, and traditional offline marketing tactics are being replaced with more effective digital marketing or a hybrid of traditional and digital marketing strategies.

Marketing Strategy

Identify strategic opportunities for lead generation so you can grow your sales pipeline and sign more long-term customers.

Website Design

Deliver a precision website that's driven by strategy and marketing insights with a focus on a remarkable user experience.

Search Engine Marketing

Execute a search engine optimization strategy that improves your ranking so you show up and attract potential customers.

Content Marketing

Build meaningful content that serves both the search engines and your sales team to deliver value to your customers.

Social Media

Break through corporate stereotypes and embrace social media to focus on the human element within your business.

Email Campaigns

Retain repeat customers by providing useful information and updates so you're the company they think of when they're ready for their next purchase.

Does Your Industrial Marketing Agency Deliver the ROI Results You Need?

Not only do you have to mange the day-to-day operations of running your manufacturing company, it's also important to keep a steady flow of new opportunities in your sales pipeline. That's where we can help you.

Wisconsin's Manufacturing Marketing Agency with the Digital Marketing Capabilities You Need

Attract & Convert More Leads, Grow Your Sales Pipeline, and Gain a Competitive Advantage

Metal Fabricating

Metal fabricators face more competition than ever before. Without an effective digital marketing strategy, your customers may not notice you. Maintaining relationships with long time customers and your referral network is an important part of growing your company. By implementing a well-crafted digital marketing strategy, you can gain a foothold in new marketplaces and be found by new customers. 


Because your target customers are unique from other industries, your industrial marketing agency should create a strategy that's just as unique. It's critical to implement a digital marketing strategy that speaks to the company needs of your buyers. You most likely know who your buyers are, the challenge is in reaching the engineers, managers, and C-Suite executives who gather the information that drives their company's purchase decisions.


For manufacturers in the plastics industry, your website design and content marketing strategy needs to be user-friendly for engineers to review the extensive TDS they need for informed buyer decision making. Finding new customers is no longer all about making phone calls. Today's sales team are relying on digital marketing to find and reach out to potential customers and instantly deliver the information they need.

What Our Clients Say

Nerd Free Marketing gives so much to making sure your website is on target for your business needs and to meet the needs of your customers. Ongoing website maintenance, security, and off-site backups are a few of the benefits I enjoy with their monthly support plan. Having gone through a few website builders in the past, I knew I hit the jackpot when I hired Nerd Free Marketing. I highly recommend Nerd Free Marketing to anyone needing a website, SEO, or digital marketing strategy.

William Harriman
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Manufacturing Web Design Projects

Manowske Welding came to us with a website in need of not only a new design but also needed conversion points that could be tracked and search engine optimization so they'd show up in the search engines.

Check out their case study - Manowske Welding

Work with a Manufacturing Marketing Agency that Delivers Results

Turn to us to be sure your industrial marketing strategy includes all the right components. A hybrid of traditional and digital marketing for manufacturers will ensure your sales team has all the best tools to use when showcasing the value of your products.

Frequently Asked Qustions

Producing a sound digital marketing strategy for your manufacturing firm is just as important as it is for any other industry. Successful digital marketing helps companies connect with their customers in a variety of meaningful ways. Because digital marketing isn't as natural for manufacturing companies as it is for other industries, it can be difficult to develop an effective marketing plan that creates results. Working with a skilled marketing agency can make the difference between a marketing strategy that delivers results and one that does nothing to benefit your company.

Some of the benefits of internet marketing for manufacturers include:

  • Increased lead conversions
  • Shortened sales cycles
  • Improved brand awareness
  • Showcase your capabilities
  • Retain repeat customers

As digital marketing become more prevalent for more industries, the lines between markting for consumers and industrial marketing is becoming more blurred. However, there are still some differences that are important to know when marketing your manufacturing business.

One important distinction to take note of is the type of content needed for manufacturer marketing. The decision makers industrial companies are marketing to expect more detain information, facts, and substantiation of your claims. This can be provided in the form of free content on your website or content that is provided in the form of white papers, technical specifications, and other documents which are provided when a prospect fills out a form which you can use to incorporate them into your sales pipeline.

Digital marketing requires a technical understanding of the work your manufacturing company does. With this information your marketing agency can create a multi-channel marketing plan with tactics proven to attract the audience you need to reach.

The basic digital marketing services your industrial company needs are:

Website Design - you need a current site that delivers the best first impression to your potential customers. It should be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and optimized for lead conversion.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Your target market needs to find you online when they're searching for the products you're producing. That's where a strategic SEO plan goes to work for you.

Content Marketing - C-suite executives, engineers, and other decision makes need detailed information to know your products deliver the solutions they need. Content marketing creates the white papers, downloads, TDS, and other guides which will deliver this information.

Email Marketing - With a long sales cycle, it's important to stay top of mind to the decision makers interested in your products. An effective email marketing strategy personally targets these decision makers with useful information timed to help move them along your sales pipeline.

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