Getting Started

Here's an overview of what we need to help guide you as we get started with your project!

Our Design process consists of 4 steps. We follow each step in every project we complete. We do not move on to the next step until the requirements for each step are completed.

  • Information

    There are 6 vital pieces of information which we need from you in order to begin the first step of the project.

  • Dropbox

    This is where you will store all the information we request from you. It is a secure folder and is only accessible to you and us.

  • Design

    Once we have your information, the design work begins. We'll start by designing your sitemap and move on to creating an idea of how your website will look.

  • Launch

    The last step is to set a date and make the website live and ready for your online visitors. 

Complete Details of Each Step are Listed Below

1) What We Need To Get Started

  • Your Logo

    PDF, EPS, or high res JPEG or PNG if possible.

  • Hosting Credentials

    Your hosting account login and/or your Cpanel username and password. We will also need the login information for your domain names if you've already purchased your domain and have it hosted somewhere other than your current website hosting.

  • WordPress Login

    An administrator login to your current WordPress site. (if you have a website up already, otherwise skip this)

  • Images and Pictures

    Current and new images and pictures you'd like for us to use on your new website.

  • Content

    Pages you want in your website including any existing pages you want to keep. Page content (text/verbiage/information) for each page.

  • Style Guide

    Brand style information, colors, or any specific brand design requirements

2) Dropbox


Dropbox is an online image and file sharing platform which makes it easy to securely share files with each other during the course of this project. All your important logins and credentials will be uploaded here to keep them secure.

When uploading information to our shared Dropbox folder, be sure to keep copies on your computer. Once we finish the project your folder will be deleted from our Dropbox account and we'll no longer have access to it.

You will be able to upload your information to your secure Dropbox folder. This link was sent to you in the information page that directed you here. The files listed below will help you get started creating the content and gathering pictures for your website.

Done For You Content

Sometimes our clients find it's much easier to work with our copyrighting staff to create the best content for their website. If you'd rather have us write the content for your website, just let us know and we'll get you started with this process.

Royalty Free Images

If you have difficulty in creating your images it's possible to use royalty free images for your website. Two sources to purchase these images from are:



3) The Design Process

Designing a new website is an extensive process - this is true for websites of all sizes. We know it can be overwhelming for you and we want to make this process as simple as possible.

To help you understand our process, we've outlined it below so you know what to expect at each phase of the design and development.

  • Layout and Design

    Planning the website is the most time-consuming part of the project. In this stage we'll be working on the look and feel of your websites. We'll determine where every piece will fit into place. The first thing we'll do will be to create the sitemap which is a list of the pages and how they fit into the website. Once we have that done, it'll be sent to you for approval. Once the sitemap is finished we'll start working on the layout and create a framework to show where everything will go.

    Before we can do this, we need the information listed in Step 1. If you don't have all your content ready, you can continue to work on this while we're completing this stage. 

  • Development

    Once you've approved the initial sitemap and design which was sent to you for approval then we'll begin designing the actual site. This will be done on a development site which isn't visible to the public. When this is finished you'll be able to look at the website and test its functionality

    Before any development work begins, we need all your website content. This information will be inserted into the development site as it is being created. 

  • Edits and Revisions

    Once we send the development site to you, you'll have a chance to review it and make a list of any edits and revisions which need to be made. We ask that you review ALL pages to ensure all spelling, grammar, addresses, and other information are correct before we make the website live.

4) Finishing Your Website & Going Live

As soon as the website is ready to go live, we'll make sure any temporary text, images, or functionality is removed. We'll make a backup copy of your website and save it in a secure cloud location to make sure it's secure. 

We'll set a specific date for your website to go live and send you the credentials you need to login once it's read to be viewed. Please make sure you save this information.

If there's any part of the website which you need specific training on, we'll schedule a time for that training to take place.

You'll receive a link to our "moving forward" information which will give you some tips about what to do with your new website as well as information about our website security and maintenance plan.

Thank You!

We're happy to have you as a new customer and are looking forward to working together to build a new website for your business or organization. 

Please send an email once you finish reading this page to to let us know you have the information. You can also let us know any questions you might have.