Digital Marketing Strategy

Growing your business is difficult without an effective digital marketing strategy

We'll help you identify your goals and create a digital marketing strategy that delivers traffic, leads, and sales.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Wisconsin's Businesses

Who are your customers, who’s your competition, and what opportunities does your Wisconsin based business have to stand out and reach your target customers? We'll help you answer these questions and create an effective marketing strategy that will help you stay ahead of the competition.

  • marketing research - target market analysis

    Customers – Target Market Analysis

    Your customers are the reason your business exist. Doing in-depth target market research will help you figure out how to appeal to your target market.

  • marketing research - competitor research

    Competition – Competitor Research

    Consumers always have the choice to purchase from you or from your competition. You should create a unique value proposition – something that makes your company different from your competition which will encourage consumers to purchase from you.

  • marketing research - business analysis

    Company – Business Analysis

    What marketing strategies have you tried in the past and what has worked, and what ideas have failed? What are the strengths of your business and what are your weakness? By understanding your company well, you’ll be able to create a marketing strategy which focuses on your competitive advantage.

marketing strategy - customers, competitors, company

You don’t need an in-house team to create an effective digital marketing strategy.

You need a professional digital marketing agency who knows how to set you apart from your competition and reach your target customers.

Defining Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing objectives are specific, easy to measure goals. Does your Wisconsin small business need to generate more leads, make customers aware of your business, increase sales? Setting a marketing objective is the first step in building an effective marketing strategy.

Strategic and clear marketing objectives follow the S.M.A.R.T method of setting goals:

  • Specific – what exactly needs to be done
  • Measurable – how will you know when is accomplished; how will it be measured
  • Achievable – do you have the time and resources to do this
  • Relevant – does this matter to your business, is it important for growth or other goals
  • Time-bound – what is the deadline for completion
    Example: Increase sales by 30% within six month
marketing strategy
  • Marketing Strategy

    Effective marketing places strategy before tactics. Writing blog posts, sending tweets, changing page titles – these are all various tactics used to execute a digital marketing strategy. Developing an effective marketing strategy is often overlooked. Without it, you rely on guess-work and chance to grow your business which results in chaos. Business growth doesn’t happen by chance or through chaos. 

  • Marketing Campaigns

    Once you have your marketing strategy in place it’s time to start thinking about the campaigns, you’ll need reach your objectives. Marketing campaigns are designed to produce results for specific goals and objectives. Your marketing strategy may have more than one goal or objective to reach. Each goal or objective will need a marketing campaign with tactics specifically designed to reach your objectives and goals. Content creation, Google ads, landing pages, social media – these are a few of the marketing campaign tactics we’ve recommended for our customers to grow their businesses.

  • Marketing Plan Execution

    Your marketing strategy has a lot of moving pieces to it – website design, email marketing, analytics, and more. We help you execute your marketing campaigns to achieve reliable and consistent results. It's difficult to watch businesses create precise and effective marketing strategies but never follow through to execute them. These wasted opportunities prevent real growth and the means to build a successful business. You can count on us to help you execute your marketing campaigns with actionable timelines. Our execution plans include specific projects, tasks, and deadlines to reach within an achievable time-frame.

What Our Clients Say

I have complete confidence in Nerd Free Marketing's abilities to maximize the business exposure that I was seeking. Not long after the website's launch it became a vital part of the decision to award the largest contract my business had ever received. Rose is always working to enhance the effectiveness and deliver the highest value per dollar for the work she does. I would heartily recommend Rose and her work to any business owner. ~ Mickey

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