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Stand out, Attract Leads, and Convert Website Visitors into Customers

Your customers are bombarded every day with marketing messages everywhere they look. It’s harder than ever to be heard above the noise.

Work with a Wisconsin Marketing Strategy Agency Whose Process Helps You Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Customers, competition, and opportunities - Our first priority is to learn about you, your customers, and your industry so we can create a digital marketing plan that delivers measurable growth.

Target Audience Research

We'll work with you to assess your target customers and help you identify their customer journey experience to help you reach them with a focused digital marketing strategy.

Competitive Analysis

Discovering your competitors strengths and weaknesses will help us identify the advantages your business can use to reach your customers, leave a lasting impression, and convert leads into sales.

Content & Technology Analysis

Identifying your existing content and technology will help in mapping opportunities to re-purpose what you currently have and identify gaps to fill in order to develop a successful digital marketing plan.

Strategic Planning

Gathering data is an essential part of our marketing strategy process. With that data, we can identify opportunities to grow your business, reach your customers, and convert leads into sales.

Campaign Mapping

Using your data and our experience, we'll determine where your marketing will have the greatest impact and create a marketing strategy which ensures you're marketing on the right channels for the best results.

Marketing Playbook

Your marketing playbook outlines the goals, tactics, metrics, and time-frame to execute your digital marketing strategy. It will outline how we will help you grow your business and reach new customers.

Need Help with Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

A professional website, online advertising, social media presence - these are essential to growing your business but you need a plan to make them effective and work for you.

Unclear of your next move? Join us to create your digital marketing strategy. Contact us for details about our next marketing strategy workshop.

Why Should You Work with a Marketing Strategy Agency?

Marketing strategy isn't an afterthought with us. It's an integral part of how we work with our clients to help them achieve effective results. We're here to help put your business on the path to measurable growth. Nerd Free Marketing is a marketing strategy agency that partners with you to create a unique digital marketing strategy that helps your business grow. 

Unique Opportunities and Ideas

Our marketing plans are based on our unique ideas and expertise to build an effective strategy that actually works. Your strategy will generate more leads, make customers aware of your business, and convert website visitors into customers.

Strategic Customer Targeting

Understanding your target audience is our priority. We're dedicated to discovering their motivations, buying behavior, and decision making process to ensure you're reaching them at every stage of their customer journey.

Active Monitoring and Adjustments

Marketing isn't a "set-it and forget-it" process. We continuously monitor your marketing plan and optimize it for the best results using data from the metrics defined in your marketing playbook to ensure you're achieving continuous results. 

What Our Clients Say

I have complete confidence in Nerd Free Marketing's abilities to maximize the business exposure that I was seeking. Not long after the website's launch it became a vital part of the decision to award the largest contract my business had ever received.

They are always working to enhance the effectiveness and deliver the highest value per dollar for the work she does. I would heartily recommend Nerd Free Marketing and their services to any business owner.

~ Mickey

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Reach Your Customers with an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

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