Marketing Analytics Services

Lack of actionable data prevents business growth and wastes your marketing budget.

Measurably improve your digital marketing strategies with the power of our marketing analytics services so you can improve your ROI.

Marketing Analytics Services that Matter for Wisconsin's Businesses

A marketing strategy without marketing analytics and reporting is useless. Our marketing analytics services and reporting helps you gauge your progress and optimize your campaigns to achieve better results. Each month, we provide an easy-to-read marketing analytics report that shows the important metrics and performance of whatever marketing strategies we're implementing with you.

Our marketing analytics services and reporting are unique to each client based on their objectives and the metrics that matter to them. The metrics below are some of the standard metrics which we report most often to our clients.

  • marketing research - target market analysis

    SEO Analytics

    Keywords, Backlinks, Organic Traffic, Avg Time on Page, Pages per Visitor, Returning Visitors, Bounce Rate, Traffic by Device, Conversions

  • marketing research - competitor research

    Social Media Analytics

    Reach, Engagement, Conversion, Click-Through Rate, Bounce Rate, ROI

marketing analytics
  • marketing research - target market analysis

    Content Marketing Analytics

    Brand Awareness, Engagement, Customer Retention, Lead Generation

  • marketing research - competitor research

    Email Marketing Analytics

    Open-rates, Click-through Rates, Subscribers

Better Decision-Making, More Opportunities, and More Effecient Marketing Strategies

We deliver the marketing analytics you need when you need it so you can gain a competitive advantage and grow your business.

Understanding Marketing Analytics

Reporting your marketing analytics is an integral part of our Wisconsin digital marketing services. We share with you the important data you need to move your business forward.

Marketing analytic reports give you a benchmark for what's working well in your marketing strategy as well as what needs to be tweaked or improved. 

Our marketing analytics reports include:

Summary: this section shows the key points of the report included the successes, challenges, and the goals to reach for the next reporting period.

Traffic: these metrics will show not only the amount of traffic but also the source of the traffic.

Engagement: bounce rate, time on site, frequency of visits are just a few metrics to show how interested your online visitors are.

Conversion: this is the actions you want people to be taking when they visit your online - these include downloading an ebook, subscribing to your newsletter, filling out your contact form and more 

marketing analytics reports

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I have complete confidence in Nerd Free Marketing's abilities to maximize the business exposure that I was seeking. Not long after the website's launch it became a vital part of the decision to award the largest contract my business had ever received. Rose is always working to enhance the effectiveness and deliver the highest value per dollar for the work she does. I would heartily recommend Rose and her work to any business owner. ~ Mickey

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