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video marketing local businesses

Local Business Video Marketing Ideas

Local business video marketing is a great marketing strategy you can use whether your business is a one person operation or you have a small team. Local business owners usually have a tight marketing budgets and are conscious about how you focus your time and money to attract new customers and stay in touch with…

promote your nonprofit fundraiser on facebook

Using Facebook Events to Promote Your Nonprofit Fundraiser

Fundraising events play a vital role to promote your nonprofit fundraiser. In order for an event to be successful, it must have people attending. If no one attends, not only is the initial investment lost but any potential donations are lost. What can you do to ensure you have people attend your events? Marketing! Lots…

social media planning

4 Steps to Building Your Social Media Strategy

Plan, Do, Check, Act – The Deming Cycle Building your social media strategy can seem like a daunting task. The question I hear the most often is, “where do I start?”. Several years ago I came across a method called the Deming Cycle (also known as PDCA) which involved 4 steps: Plan – figure out the…

70 20 10 content sharing rule

Content Sharing Strategy

Struggling to build your social media network? Me too. One challenge I’ve faced was how much to share and how much to promote my business. I just stumbled across some information that talked about a “70-20-10” content sharing rule in social media. 70% should be helpful or informative – share content to teach your visitors…

negative feedback

3 Tips for Handling Negative Feedback

The way you handle negativity on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter, or any other social media outlet will have a strong impact on how you’re viewed by those you are trying to reach. It’s difficult to know why some people leave negative comments or feedback for all to see on your social media outlet but…



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