10 Places to Find Images for Your Blog

Images grab the attention of your readers and should be an important part of your blog posting. Sometimes it can be difficult to find just the right image you’re looking for so I put together a list of image sites that I use for the Social, Web Design & Marketing blog.

1. FreeImages.com – the first place I turn when I’m looking for an image. They have over 350,000 images available for free.

2. Every Stock Photo – lists millions of photos from a lot of different sources

3. Stock Vault – over 32,000 photos

4. Pexels – stock photos

5. FreeFoto – over 130,000 organized into 3,640 categories

6. Shutterstock – premium, royalty-free images, videos clips, and music tracks

7. iStockPhoto – premium photo sharing site; the prices vary but it’s one of the largest image resources available

8. Free Digital Photos – free and premium stock photos and illustrations for website, advertising and other medium

9. Free Pixels – free stock photos and images

10. Fotolia – another premium site with a pay as you go plan starting at $.75 per photo and subscription plans starting at $.16

Remember to check the terms and conditions of the image you plan to use and properly credit the author/source if required before you use it on your website or give to your web designer for your website.