Three Parish Catholic Family ~ Shawno County, WI

The Background

Three Parish Catholic Family is a group of three Catholic churches in Shawno County, Wisconsin with histories that date back to the mid-1800's. They have a rich history with warm and inviting members who welcome you and make you feel like family.

The Project Brief

Deb contacted Nerd Free Marketing when they learned their current provider would no longer continue to maintain their existing website. She talked to us extensively about their frustrations with the existing website and their vision for a new website which would help visitors find information about all three churches, easily find and read the church bulletins, give new members an easy place to get information about the churches, and many other features they wanted to include.

three parish catholic family responsive design

Our Approach

We took quite a bit of time to go through a detailed discovery process to sort through the information on their existing website and help organize the layout of new information to be placed into a new design.

There was quite a bit of information which was relevant to all three churches which needed to be easily accessible from a single navigation point. Other information such as Mass times, histories, addresses, and pictures were specific to each church.

Additionally, the churches didn't have a specific logo or any identified branding elements such as colors and fonts which could be used to uniquely identify the church brand. We helped them identify the color scheme, fonts, and customized a cross design to create a logo and unify the branding across all three churches.

One of the most important aspects of the new website build was to create a space for bulletins which could be kept for future reference. We implemented a solution which allowed website visitors to sort by year and easily find the specific bulletins they wished to read.


The new website was launched in late February 2019 and we're continuing to measure the results of the new design. So far they're reported it is much easier to navigate for their website users and they've seen a 17% increase in returning website visitors.

Website Project Information

Original Launch: February 2019
Industry: Churches
Location: Wild Rose, Wisconsin

Project Type:
Website Design and Development
Ongoing Maintenance & Support

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