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wordcamp milwaukee 2013

May 6 2013

Speaking at WordCamp Milwaukee

WordCamp Milwaukee is coming back on June 8-9 and I’m excited to be one of the speakers this year. Since spring has finally arrived in Wisconsin, I decided it was a perfect time to talk about doing some Spring Cleaning for Your WordPress Site. I’m going to give some  easy to implement ideas with and …

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wordcamp minneapolis 2013

May 1 2013

Minneapolis WordCamp 2013

Last weekend I spoke at WordCamp Minneapolis. Since I love public speaking, I felt this was a great way to broaden my horizons. But I brought home a new excitement for my business. As a small business owner there are times when I find myself stuck in a rut. There are days when I get caught …

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website traffic

Aug 19 2012

Where’s Your Traffic Coming From?

Research the internet and you’ll find dozens of theories about the best place to invest your time to increase traffic . The problem with these theories is they’re just theories and usually based on what’s worked for the author’s website or blog. Mr. Bigshot author with 1,250 visitors a days says you should invest your …

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70 20 10 content sharing rule

Dec 30 2011

Content Sharing Strategy

Struggling to build your social media network? Me too. One challenge I’ve faced was how much to share and how much to promote my business. I just stumbled across some information that talked about a “70-20-10” content sharing rule in social media. 70% should be helpful or informative – share content to teach your visitors …

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seo practices

Dec 20 2011

Top 5 SEO Practices

Does your website implement these 5 SEO practices; if not your customers and the search engines may not be able to find you. 1. Title Tag – the first thing a search engine looks at when it tries to figure out what information will be on that page. Include a couple keywords here but don’t …

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negative feedback

Jul 7 2010

3 Tips for Handling Negative Feedback

The way you handle negativity on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter, or any other social media outlet will have a strong impact on how you’re viewed by those you are trying to reach. It’s difficult to know why some people leave negative comments or feedback for all to see on your social media outlet but …

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