Google Ad Extensions that Will Improve Your Google Ads ROI & Conversions

Oct 23, 2020

Google ad extensions increase the value of your pay-per-click advertising to help you reach more customers and increase conversions.

Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to drive more traffic to your website and increase your sales. Online advertising is extremely competitive especially with pay-per-click advertising.(PPC). Since most users never scroll past page one of the search results this leaves a limited number of spaces where your ad can show up for the keywords you target. Using a variety of Google Ad extensions will help increase your search ranking as well as improve your click-through rate.

Benefits of Using Google Ad extensions

Google ad extensions give you more space in the search results and more reasons for a user to click on your ad. Ad extensions provide a way for you to include additional information into your ad . Adding one google ad extension can improve your CTR by 10-15%.

Including a Google Ad extension will also impact your ad ranking. This is the position where your ad is shown in the search results page. If your ad shows up in the second position on the search result page then your ad rank number is 2. Some of the factors that go into the position of your ad include your bid amount, ad quality, and ad extension impact.

Because they offer more information in your ad, Google ad extensions increase your click-through rate. For example adding a location extension gives mobile users the ability to click your ad and get directions to your business.

How to Set Up Google Ad Extensions

While Google Ads may seem easy to set up, there are a few things you need to know to create exceptional Google Ads that will make them stand out and increase your ROI. You can create Google Ads extensions in two ways, while creating your ad and through the Google dashboard in the Ads Manager settings.

To create extensions through the Google dashboard look for the Ads and Extension menu and then click the extensions link. This will take you to a list of the types of extensions you can choose from. For each extension you will enter different information based on the type of extension you choose. Most allow you to enter a description and a URL for the extension. Fill out each field with all the necessary information even if it says it's optional as this will help you get the most benefit of your an ad extension. In the advanced options you can customize the extension further to fine-tune who sees your ad extension and when. For example you can choose to enable your extension only on mobile devices which is great for Call Extensions. Additionally, you can schedule when your extensions will appear to limit the information you show. This is useful when featuring a sales price so you only show the price when the sale is active and hide it once the sale ends. Most of the time extensions won't require the setup of advanced options so you'd only use this when it'll benefit your ad campaign.

google ad extensions improve your roi

Not only is it easy to create extensions it's also easy to add them to your campaign. While you're creating your ad you'll see an ad extensions option at the bottom of the first page where you create the campaign itself. Click the extension, you'd like to use and choose from an existing one or create a new one. Google will show you a preview of how your extension will look like so you can proceed as you would normally when creating a Google Ad.

Google Ad Extension Best Practices

To get the most benefit out of using Google ad extensions, there’s a few best practices to keep in mind.

  • Create at least two sitelink extensions that are eligible for your ad. We recommend creating at least four to maximize your ad presence.
  • Use different link text for each sitelink you create. This creates a better user experience and helps track which sitelinks perform the best.
  • Implement sitelinks into your Google Ads to match your ad group structure and reach the goals of your Google Ad campaigns.

6 Google Ad Extensions You Should be Using for Better ROI

Sitelink - Sitelink extensions are one of the most frequently used type of Google ad extensions. They allow you to add short bits of information to use as a call to action when someone clicks on the link. You can set these links up to take users to important pages on your company's website. Sitelink extensions can be used in almost every type of Google Ads campaign. They're useful to drive visitors to the pages they're most likely to look for when making a purchase. They also highlight what makes you different from your competition. The only time you should not use sitelink extensions is when you have a single page website.

Location - These are hyperlinked and clickable extensions that show your physical location. On a mobile device when these links are clicked they will bring up a map to give directions to your business. In addition to your location these links also show your star rating from Google my business. These links appear on a separate line in your Google ad.

Call - Including a phone number within your ad, encourages prospective customers to call your business. Call extensions appear as a text phone number on a desktop computer and as a call button on mobile devices. Mobile users can easily click to call your. Desktop users will have to use their phone to connect with you. Google offers call conversion tracking which shows how well your call ad extensions is performing.

call extension google ads
google ads mobile location extension

Message - Some people prefer text messaging over calling or sending an email. Google Ad message extensions are ideal for mobile devices because they allow a user to send and receive messages by clicking the message extension in your ad.

Call Out - Call Out ad extensions add descriptive text to your ad but are not clickable. They also increase the size of your ad giving you an additional line of text tthat's beneficial to your ad conversion rate. They are used to highlight benefits to the user for the products or services which are being advertised such as "free shipping".

Structured Snippets - Structured snippets feature a clickable headline and short description. These are great to send your prospective customers to important pages within your website. They are similar to sitelinks but are more noticeable because they increase the size of your ad. When creating extensions, you'll include either a site like or a structured snippet extension. You'll need to decide what is best for your ad campaign and go from there.

structured snippet google ads extension

Price - When you're advertising a specific product or service you can include a price extension with a link to the specific product or service URL. This is a great way to make your ad more competitive by offering highly relevant information at the beginning of the ad.

Boost Your Traffic and Conversions with Google Ads Extensions

Extensions are important to use in your Google ads because they give you a better return on your investment. With currently tight marketing budgets, Google Ads extensions can help make your ad stand out and drive more targeted traffic to pages on your website. Create dedicated landing pages to use for your Google Ads to increase your click-through rate. This will also increase clicks on your landing pages which ultimately increases your conversion rate.

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