10 Great Facebook Ads Examples

Oct 12, 2020

Creating exceptional Facebook ads can be challenging. These Facebook ad examples will help you stand out and get your customers attention.

With over 2.2 billion Facebook users., it's easy to see the importance of of integrating Facebook ads into your digital marketing campaign. Creating exceptional Facebook ads can be challenging. The examples we've curated for you stand out and get the attention of Facebook's users. Not only are they optimized to look good across multiple devices, they also direct traffic to the advertiser's landing pages.

What Is a Facebook Ad?

The first place to start creating great Facebook ads is understanding what a Facebook ad is. Facebook ads are a type of pay-per-click (PPC) that targets online visitors who use the Facebook platform. They are displayed in the the users newsfeed on both desktop and mobile device and in the right column on desktop devices.

facebook ad placements

Sidebar ads are the more traditional ads as this is what Facebook first started offering to advertisers. However, newsfeed ads often get higher engagement rates and offer more cost-efficient clicks and conversions.

Facebook ads offer you a broad range of targeting options. A few of these options include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Interest

You also have the option to run your Facebook ads continuously or set them up on a schedule based on when they're likely to perform the best. With Facebook's analytics, you can take advantage of A/B testing to learn how to make your ads perform even better.

Elements of the Facebook Ads

How can you ensure you create the best Facebook ads to capture the attention of your target audience and improve your ROI. Integrating the following elements will go a long way in helping achieve the results you need:

Body Text

This is the copy which is placed above the image of your ad. This can be anywhere from 1-2 lines to several paragraphs. The biggest mistake many small business owners make when creating the body text is using the same ad copy in all their campaigns. By testing a variety of body text copy, you're able to discover what works best for your target audience and what gets them to click on your ads.


  • Incorporate social proof such as reviews
  • Use action words
  • Create urgency such as "limited-time offer"
  • Target how you meet your target audiences needs
  • Include emojis but don't overdo it


Facebook users prefer visual content over written text which makes Facebook image ads more memorable and more likely to convert than text ads.

The image of your Facebook ad is the largest element of your ad. Choose the best image to capture your user's attention and create an emotional connection that makes them want to click on your ad.

Example - HelloFresh

HelloFresh uses an enticing picture and text in their image. Seriously, who could resist "8 Free Meals" if they look like this delicious steak dinner?

a b test facebook ads body copy
facebook ad images


Done right, your headline can do the heavy-lifting to convene people to click on your Facebook ad. Use these tips to create great Facebook ad headlines:

  • Use active voice
  • Write short, cathcy titles
  • Create a sense of urgency

Your Facebook ad headline is located below your picture and highlights your unique value proposition. It tell your audience what you can offer to them. According to AdEspresso, the average length for a Facebook ad headline is just 5 words! What five words can you come up with to make you users click your ad?

Zenefits says "Download Employee Handbook Templates". If you're a small business trying to create an employee handbook this sounds pretty good. I think it would be better if it said "Download FREE Employee Handbook Templates" and it would still fit into the 5 words guideline.

short catchy headline text facebook ads


Below the headline is the description of your ad. This gives you a chance to explain in more detail what your ad is about.

VitalSmarts keeps their description short and to the point "Download the Free Guide". Segment goes into more detail in their description to explain what their users will learn in their free guide.

short facebook ad description
long facebook ad description

Use the Facebook Ad Library for Inspiration

Sometimes seeing ads others have created will spark your creativity and give you inspiration to create your own ads. The Facebook Ads library provides a comprehensible and searchable collection of all the ads which are currently running across Facebook.

Best Facebook ads examples for 2020

Slack - Not only is this ad fun and eye-catching, it's also highly effective. I can't think of one person who enjoys sitting in long, drawn-out, boring meetings.

Inspiration to take from this ad:

  • Short, catchy headline
  • Creative and fun image
  • A product that meets your user's needs
slack facebook ad example

Dollar Shave Club - Short and to the point. It clearly highlights what they are offering and how you can get it.

Inspiration you can use:

  • Social proof - by including a testimonial from one of their users
  • Multiple CTAs - not only can you find out about the product by clicking their "Learn More" button, but they also included a link in their body text
  • Unique selling proposition - the description text says it all, it's "everything you need in the bathroom"
simple ads increase conversions

Best Self Co - with everyone spending more time at home, it's natural they're also spending more time on their devices. Best Self CO offers a way to solve that.

Inspiration takeaway:

  • Timeliness - everyone is stuck at home, kids are bored, and parents don't know what to do with them. This is a great offer to solve that problem, right now
  • Catching Headline - While it has 6 words, it is still short and to the point and it tells how they can help their audience

Side Note: when I saw this, the first thing I thought of was that they "put baby (the phone) into a box"! Great imagery.

timely message facebook ad

MVMT - is a US based watch company that grew its brand entirely from social media.

Inspiration you can use:

  • No call to action button - this is unique as most ads include one.
  • Beautiful image - eye-catching and appealing image that draws the user in
  • Body text - all the details about the ad including a one-line ad copy and the call-to-action
great facebook ad images

Monday.com - as Nerd Free Marketing continues to grow, I've been searching for better sales and project management software to manage a growing team. Monday.com showed up in my newsfeed the other day and caught my interest

Inspiration takeaway

  • Big promise - "Increase revenue from day one" - that's a bold statement but very effective
  • Text in image - the image text tells you exactly why you need their product
  • Address the need - their body text directly addresses their user's need, " Looking for a CRM that can handle all the needs of your sales team without a complicated setup?" Well, yes I am!
retargeted facebook ad

Start Running Great Facebook Ad Campaigns

These 10 Facebook ads are some of the best ads we've seen that will hopefully give you some inspiration you can try in your own campaigns. With so many options available, you should be able to find lots of inspirations to create beautiful Facebook ads.

If you need help getting the best results from Facebook ads like we've shown, we're here to help you improve your Facebook Ads ROI. Click the button below to connect with us to start running your Facebook ads.

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